Fundraiser: Sunset to Sunrise Sesshin

Sunset to sunrise Meditation Challenge

9.30pm – 5am
Saturday – Sunday
17th – 18th June

Meditation Challenge for Shubha Vihara and Tiratanaloka Unlimited

Going on retreat allows us to experience the Sangha more fully and to go deeper in our Dharma practice.

What if more people could have this experience? Can you help us to raise funds for two wonderful projects, both of which will give more and more people the opportunity to go on retreat?

blue prints for Shubha Vihara retreat centre

We will be hosting a Sunset to Sunrise Sesshin Meditation Challenge for the Shubha Vihara and Tiratanaloka projects. This event will take the form of a ‘sesshin’, which is an intensive way of practising from the Zen tradition and will involve alternating between periods of sitting, standing and walking meditation throughout the night with short breaks for rest and refreshment.

Proceeds raised from the event will be divided 50%-50% between the two projects. The Shuba Vihara project is dedicated to creating Ireland’s first-ever Triratna retreat centre at Ballycorrigan in Co. Tipperary. The Tiratanaloka Unlimited project is dedicated to finding a new retreat centre to host women’s ordination training as the current centre in Wales is too small to meet the needs of the ever-growing number of women training for ordination.

Ordained Women Jumping

How you can help?

You can sponsor those of us participating in the event by making a donation, or if you have an established meditation practice, you can join us in the event and encourage others to sponsor you by making a donation. Email us at if you’d like to participate.