The Nature of Mind Project

Starting in February and running for six months.
Join any time.

The mind is your most valuable asset and our most dangerous possession. It can be amazingly creative or terrifyingly destructive.

Every experience we have, or could possibly have, is mediated through the mind. The health of our mind is the health of our life. From a Buddhist point of view our greatest danger is not realising the potential of our mind, and not finding ways of living out that potential.

A Six-Month Course, Join Any Time

This Nature of Mind project is a six-month season of events featuring prominent psychologists, neuroscientists, and meditators; including interactive seminars, meditation masterclasses, and retreats. You can join the project at any time.

Each month, we will release conversations with prominent thinkers on the nature of mind and reflect upon their ideas with a seminar. This will be followed by a week of meditation guidance, applying what we’ve learnt to our own mind. The project culminates with an immersive retreat in August 2022. From theory, to reflection, to practice: join us in exploring the Nature of Mind.

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How to Sign Up

This course is being run all over our Buddhist community, and based at Adhisthana. Visit the main Nature of Mind website to sign up.


See the full list of events at the Nature of Mind website


Each month, we’ll release conversations with prominent thinkers, including Iain McGilchrist (on the two hemispheres of the brain), Penny Sartori (on near-death experiences), and Bernado Kastrup (a non-materialist philosopher of mind).


We’ll then follow these conversations with interactive zoom seminars in which we’ll reflect on our guest’s work, ask questions, and explore how what we’ve learnt might impact our lives.

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Meditation Masterclasses

These seminars will in turn be followed by a week of online meditation guidance, applying what you’ve learnt to your own experience.


The best conditions to explore the mind is on retreat, away from the pressures and responsibilities of your day-to-to-day life. Join us for two retreats, including the project’s culmination in a week-long retreat at Adhisthana International Buddhist Centre in August 2022.