Long before the discoveries of contemporary neuroscience and psychology, the Buddha gained insight into the nature of mind. In early Buddhism this profound insight informed the Abhidharma – a ‘training manual’ to help us understand and transform our own minds.

The Abhidharma helps us come to appreciation of how mental states arise, and how to distinguish between skilful mental states and their opposites.

In this way, we are given the means to live a happier and more fruitful life, and ultimately a pathway to liberation from all suffering.

And most importantly, we are given a language with which to talk about, notice and analyse the mental states we get into during our day.

We are also offered a glimpse of how the enlightened mind of a Buddha works – the mind in its ultimate harmony.

The course is accompanied by the book Mind in Harmony by Subhuti and you can purchase it online from Windhorse Publications in either paperback or in ebook format.

We have arranged a discount on the cost of the book for all of you on the course. If you use the discount code dbc_mih10 you will get 10% off the cost of the book. And if you set up a free account with Windhorse Publications you’ll receive a further 10% discount.

Suitable for: Open to anyone who has learned to meditate with us with an interest in Buddhism.

This course will be run on Zoom. All our online events are offered for free but please consider making a donation of €120 for the 6 weeks to help us to continue to provide classes in this way.