Breakfast Seminar with Dayasagara, for Sub 25s

Saturday 7th March 2020
10:30am - 1:00pm

Led by Dayasagara & The Sub 25 Team

An In-Person Event

Events for young people by young people. Explore meditation and learn something about the teaching of the Buddha.

The breakfast seminar is for anyone aged 18-25 who are interested in Buddhism, Meditation or Mindfulness.

Through practice, study and friendship, we can explore new ways of integrating  mindfulness and the Buddha’s teaching into our daily lives.

On this morning, Dayasagara will guide us through the mysteries of the mind as we explore the famous Buddhist text: The Sheperd’s Search for Mind.

We will study and discuss Milarepa’s song entitled The Shepherd’s Search for Mind. In an effort to learn if there is one mind or many, the Shepherd goes in search of his mind under Milarepa’s direction, discovering that the mind is something illuminating, aware, wide-awake, yet incomprehensible.

No booking necessary and all classes are free (by donation suggested €7).
All levels of experience welcome.

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If you are 25 years or younger and would like to get involved please email us or chat to the Centre team.

You can also check out our upcoming events on the Sub-25s page on our Facebook page.

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