Happy Indeed We Live – Dharma Talk by Ratnaghosha

Friday 23rd February 2024
7:00pm - 9:15pm

Led by Ratnaghosha

This event is both in-person and online

“Happy indeed we live, friendly amid the haters. Among those who hate we dwell free from hate.

Happy indeed we live, healthy amid the sick. Among those who are sick we dwell free from sickness.

Happy indeed we live, content amid the greedy. Among those who are greedy we dwell free from greed.”
(The Dhammapada, chapter 14, ‘Happiness’, verses 197-199)

Join Ratnaghosha for a Dharma talk exploring the Buddha’s vision of spiritual community as it is expressed in the Dhammapada. He will be looking at the relevance of verses 197, 198 and 199 of the Dhammapada to our lives now.

Born in Ireland, Ratnaghosha became a Buddhist after an encounter with a Sri Lankan monk in Berlin. He worked for Windhorse Trading for several years, and was Chair of the London and later Cambridge Buddhist Centres. In 2021 he moved to Adhisthana in the UK (the homeplace of Sangharakshita in his last years) to join the Dharma Teaching Team there.

All are welcome to this evening, which will begin at 7pm with a meditation.

This event will also be available on Zoom. Join zoom using this link
(Meeting ID is 857 2948 1226 if you need it, and the passcode is dharmatalk).

Dublin Buddhist Centre

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