Entering Emptiness – An Intensive Dharma Course

Thursday 15th September 2022
7:00pm - 9:15pm

Led by Vajrashura

This event is both in-person and online

A Six-Week Intensive Dharma Course

Dharma practice goes far beyond managing the stresses of life, improving concentration, and even beyond being happier or more kind.
Instead, it offers us a vision of a consciousness that transcends all limitations.

Firstly, we develop a steady, empathetic, dynamic mind; then we turn that flexible mind towards a direct confrontation with reality. Only when both of these faculties are in play can we enter the unbounded world of the truly real, only then can we fathom the mystery of the void.

On this six-week course, Vajrashura will be exploring what is at the heart of the Dharma, and how we can live with the vision of shunyata – variously translated as emptiness, fullness, richness, insight.

Suiteable for: Anyone who has been practising with the Dublin Buddhist Centre for six months or longer.

While all of our events are offered on a donation basis, to attend our courses in-person we ask for a deposit of €30 to secure a place as space is limited. Please consider making a donation to help us to continue to provide classes.


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Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Pexels

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