Living a Truly Human Life – Newcomer Meditation Retreat

Friday 15th March 2024 - Sunday 17th March 2024

Led by Sadayasihi and Prasannadeva

An In-Person Event


6pm Friday 15th – 2.30pm Sunday 17th January 2024


Mucklagh House, County Wicklow.

This former country lodge is cosy, comfortable, and surrounded by woods. It’s a 90 minute drive from Dublin City. See below for a Google Map.

Who this retreat is for

  • Complete beginners who want to learn to meditate.
  • Meditators with some experience who’ve never been on retreat before.

The retreat leader

The retreat will be led by Sadayasihi and Prasannadeva, both of whom teach Buddhism and meditation at the Dublin Buddhist Centre.

What will be explored

What does it mean to live a truly human life from a Buddhist perspective?

It starts with a sense of integration – feeling that our energies are flowing together in the same direction, feeling free from internal disharmonies, feeling more unified, less distracted, and more ‘together’. Then, we work to become more emotionally positive, resourced, and look upon the world with a greater love. All this can be done through Buddhist meditation practice.

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. It helps us change the way we relate to ourselves and the world around us. In particular, the Mindfulness of Breathing meditation is an excellent way to cultivate integration, and the Development of Loving-Kindness meditation an excellent way of cultivating positive emotion.

On this retreat we will be exploring how we can engage more deeply with these two practices, becoming more integrated and more emotionally positive, and thereby how we have make the most of the precious opportunity to live a more truly human life.

What people say

The retreat is a brilliant way to deepen your meditation after the intro to meditation course. Restful and insightful. Highly recommended!
– Rick, Wicklow weekend retreat

The most worthwhile thing I’ve done in a long time.
– Hugh, Wicklow weekend retreat

If you want to get off the motorway of modern life for a while and park somewhere quiet to reflect and review the direction you are taking in your journey… A retreat with the Dublin Buddhist Centre can offer you a change of oil, new spark plugs, a cleaner windscreen, tightened suspension and quite possibly update your Sat-nav so that you may finally know where you are going.
– Colin, Wicklow weekend retreat

The cost

We do tiered pricing, depending on the circumstances.

€280 waged
€230 low-waged
€190 unwaged or student

See a note on our pricing

What happens on retreat


6pm Arrival

6.30pm Dinner

8pm Welcome talk, introductions and guided meditation


7.30am Meditation, including teaching

9am Breakfast

11am Meditation, including teaching

1pm Lunch

3pm Mindful walk around the beautiful Mucklagh grounds

4.15pm Meditation

6pm Dinner

7.30pm Talk on meditation in daily life, followed by meditation and some chanting


7.15am Meditation

9am Breakfast

10.45am Meditation

12.30pm Short clear-up

1pm Lunch

1.45pm Reporting Out

2.30pm Depart

What people enjoy most

We asked previous retreat participants what the highlights were for them. They answered:

  • Meeting others on the retreat
  • The meditation
  • The food
  • The chance to reflect

The food

All dishes are vegan, but don’t let that put you off. We’ve astounded by many omnivores on our retreats who admitted they had no idea vegan food could be so tasty and filling!

Every meal is cooked from scratch, and there is always enough for second helpings. No one ever goes hungry on our retreats.

The accommodation

The building is an old house, relatively recently converted, and is comfortable. Most bedrooms have two single beds and share a bathroom with an adjoining room. There are also two newly converted dormatories which have three single beds in each of them, and an adjoining toilet.

There is also a beautiful shrine room for meditating.

How to get there

Mucklagh house is an aproximately 90 minute drive from Dublin City Centre.

If you cannot drive yourself there will be an opportunity to car pool subject to availability, or there is a train serivce to Rathdrum departing from Connolly, Tara St, Pearse and Dun Laoghaire Stations, and a pickup from the train station will be arranged to take you to the retreat centre.

Mucklagh Lodge

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