Sangha Retreat – The Three Terrible Oaths of Dorje Drollo

Friday 29th March 2024 - Sunday 31st March 2024

Led by Jnanesvari and Sadayasihi

An In-Person Event

2 Night Retreat

“Whatever has to happen, let it happen!’

“Whatever the situation is, it’s fine!”

“I really don’t need anything!”

These statements are known as the three terrible oaths of Dorje Drollo, who is a wrathful incarnation of the Greatly Precious Guru, Padmasambhava. On this Sangha retreat, led by Jnanesvari and Sadayasihi, we will explore their true meaning and how we might put them into practice in a helpful and meaningful way.

Cost: €260 waged / €220 low-waged / €180 unwaged or student.

Suitable for: Anyone who has done an introductory meditation course with us or any other Triratna Buddhist Centre.

To book on, please use the link in the Sangha Mailout or email the DBC.

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Photos from Triratna Picture Library and Adonyi Gábor Pexels.

Mucklagh Lodge

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