The Mighty Ocean of the Dharma – Weekend Retreat for Men

Friday 5th July 2024 - Sunday 7th July 2024

Led by Vajrashura, Pavara, Maitrikaya, and Varabandhu

An In-Person Event


6pm Friday 5th – 3pm Sunday 5th July 2024


Bru Moytura, Corlisheen, Riverstown, Co. Sligo.

Bru Moytura is a 100-foot wide wooden retreat centre in the foothills of rural Sligo.

Who this retreat is for

  • Men who have learned the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana meditation practices with a Triratna Buddhist Centre.

The retreat leaders

The retreat will be led by Vajrashura, Pavara, Maitrikaya, and Varabandhu.

What will be explored

In an old Pāli text, the Buddha says that the Dharma is like a vast and mighty ocean. They are both vast, progressive, deep, strange and wonderful, and filled with leviathans and many magical things.

Most especially, just as the ocean has but one taste – the taste of salt – so too does the Dharma have but one taste – the taste of freedom!

Join us on this weekend retreat for men where we’ll be exploring the wonderful qualities of the vast ocean of the Dharma.

The retreat will be an opportunity to spend time in excellent conditions for meditation and Dharma practice. And you’ll get to experience the support and friendship of other Dharma practitioners as we explore the great ocean of the Dharma together.

It will be a weekend experiencing the taste of freedom.

The cost

We do tiered pricing, depending on the circumstances.

€260 waged
€220 low-waged
€165 unwaged or student

See a note on our pricing

What people enjoy most

We asked previous retreat participants what the highlights were for them. They answered:

  • Meeting others on the retreat
  • The meditation
  • The food
  • The chance to reflect

The food

All dishes are vegan, but don’t let that put you off. We’ve astounded by many omnivores on our retreats who admitted they had no idea vegan food could be so tasty and filling!

Every meal is cooked from scratch, and there is always enough for second helpings. No one ever goes hungry on our retreats.

The accommodation

Bru Moytura is a 100-foot wide wooden retreat centre in the foothills of rural Sligo. The ‘brugh’ stems from the Irish notion of a hosting place. The great circular hall is perfect for meditation, ritual and discussion groups. A beautiful sunlit front room to the south west is the dining zone. Unique geothermal underfloor heating system means that the meditation/yoga-mats will never be cold!

How to get there

Bru Moytura is an aproximately 2.5 hour drive from Dublin City Centre.

If you cannot drive yourself there will be an opportunity to car pool subject to availability.

Bru Moytara

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