Who Hates the Metta Bhavana? Meditation Course

Tuesday 17th November 2020
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Led by Jnanadhara

An In-Person Event

A Five Week Online Meditation Course

In this course, we’ll explore how to creatively and effectively transform hatred into love through the Metta Bhavana, a profoundly potent but frequently misunderstood meditation.

If you struggle with the Metta Bhavana, or if you love the practice and want to deepen your understanding and practice of it, this course will offer new insights and approaches.

We’ll start with the fundamentals of what metta is as a lived human experience in the here and now, and then move towards the ‘unlimited heart of friendliness’ of which the Buddha speaks.

Suitable for: Anyone who is interested in learning more about meditation.



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