The Texture of Reality – Sub-30 Seminar

Saturday 1st April 2023
10:00am - 1:00pm

Led by Vajrashura

An In-Person Event

What is the true nature of reality? ‘Reality’ is a big word! It’s easy to get abstract and vague when we talk about it. And any formulation of reality cannot be taken too literally, as it is, in essence, beyond words and concepts.

To safeguard against this, Buddhism says that reality is something to be felt, touched, even handled as you would handle different kinds of fabrics – because Buddhism is above all else practical.

The main textures of reality in Buddhism are of two kinds – the texture of the ‘conditioned’ or every-day world, and the texture of the ‘Unconditioned’, that is, Enlightenment.

On this study morning, Vajrashura will leading us in exploring these textures of reality, especially by looking at the three marks of everything conditioned in the world – that they are impermanence, insubstantiality, and incapable of providing lasting satisfaction.

And we’ll be exploring the counterparts of these in the unconditioned – the ‘Doorways to Liberation’, which provide a fascinating vision of how we could experience Enlightenment itself.

All levels of experience welcome. No need to book in advance. Just show up for 10am, or you can come from 9.30am to have coffee and croissants beforehand!

All levels of experience welcome. No need to book in advance. Just show up.

All our Young Buddhist events are offered on a donation basis but you might consider making a donation to help us to continue to provide these kinds of events.

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