Support for Frontline Workers

Here you will find resources that the Dublin Buddhist Centre are offering to support our frontline workers in these challenging Covid times.

Support for Frontline Workers from the Dublin Buddhist Centre


Facing the challenges imposed on our daily lives due to the Covid-19 Pandemic can wear you down and affect your mental and physical health. In the case of Frontline Healthcare Workers this is more the case than most other professions.

To support Frontline Healthcare Workers, we here at the Dublin Buddhist Centre have put together some resources to help alleviate some of the difficult emotions that may be coming up in a format that is easily accessible and can be done at one’s own pace. We hope they will help.


Learn Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness Meditation Courses and Classes

Meditation is a tool for positive change. It will help you to move from stressed, uncomfortable states of mind to more open, appreciative, and calm states of mind. It will also help you to deal with situations which would normally lead to stress in a more creative and resourceful way.

Learn Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness Meditation Courses and Classes

These body awareness meditations are designed for you to use when you are in a crisis situation, to bring you back into your body and become more grounded.

They are 1, 3 and 5 minutes long so you can use them at anytime you can spare a few minutes to yourself within this crisis.

Find a space where you can sit comfortably and listen to the short meditation.

MeditationOne minute

A one minute meditation, led by Atulyamitra.

MeditationThree minutes

A three minute meditation, led by Atulyamitra.

MeditationThree minutes

A three minute meditation, led by Atulyamitra.

MeditationFive minutes

A five minute meditation, led by Atulyamitra.

You can download these audio files to your mobile phone so that you have them to hand for whenever you might need them.

To download each file in mp3 to your computer, hover over the three dots to the right of each track, right-click and then choose:

  • ‘Save Link As…’ – Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • ‘Download Linked File As…’ – Safari
  • ‘Save file as…’ – Internet Explorer

You can do this on your phone by tapping on the three dots and then tapping again on the icon that comes up.

The more time you can give to your meditation practice the more benefit you will get from it. Our five-week Introduction to Meditation course is available online on our YouTube Channel.

You can complete the course at your own pace and use these guided meditations and class notes to help you build up your own daily meditation practice.

You can also sign up to any of our upcoming courses, all of which are free-of-charge.

Body Scan

Sleeping is an essential part of processing the emotions around the events of the day, however after a traumatic day getting to sleep can be troublesome due to the anxious thoughts and memories going through our minds.

One way to help getting into a more relaxed state is through a body scan, a type of meditation that helps us become more aware of our bodies.

This short body scan meditation can be listened to as you are going to bed to help you to get to sleep but can also be used whenever you feel the need to become more aware of your body.

Body ScanEleven minutes

Body Scan for 11 minutes. Led by Pavara


Yoga Classes at the DBC

Sometimes it is necessary for us to use the body to release stress and anxiety. Yoga is a form of physical exercise that will have positive effects on your body and mind. It is a highly effective tool to help calm the body and mind, as well as alleviate stress, leaving you more relaxed, energised and calm.

Yoga gives energy, which enables us to lead life fully and with enjoyment and works on lots of different levels of our being.

Yoga Classes at the DBC

This Emergency Yoga session is for those Frontline Healthcare workers who cannot devote a full hour to a yoga session but want to gain some benefit from what yoga has to offer.

It is a short and gentle session, tailored especially to help alleviate stress and anxiety in times of emergency.

Videos – Thought for the Day Reflections

Through-out the Covid-19 pandemic many members of the Triratna Buddhist Order have shared their thoughts and perspectives around the challenges of lockdown in a series called Thought for the Day.

These short videos have provided support, encouragement, and inspiration to many people within our Buddhist Community here in Ireland and beyond:

For more videos, please see our YouTube Channel

About Us

All our meditation teachers are ordained members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, men and women who are themselves living a life of meditation and Buddhist practice, and have been for many years.

The DBC is a not-for-profit charity – our desire is to make the wealth of the Buddhist tradition available in a useful form that anyone can take up – regardless of whether they’re a Buddhist or not.