Mindfulness and Meditation for Businesses

Mindfulness and Meditation for Businesses

The Dublin Buddhist Centre offers events for businesses who would like to introduce mindfulness and / or loving-kindness practices to their employees.

All our workshops can be tailored for the particular needs of your staff and company.

Events can be run on-site in your business within the Dublin area, or in the Dublin Buddhist Centre itself, which has specially designed and beautiful rooms for meditation.

What we Offer

A typical session we have run with businesses is a one or one and a half hour session, exploring body awareness, mindfulness generally and a simple mindfulness of the breath session to help employees feel more refreshed and energised.

We also run five or six week courses, helping people to learn how to meditate effectively. We show how to apply mindfulness in life and work spaces, and how to cultivate loving-kindness, both for yourself and for people around you. These courses would typically be one hour each week.

More information and booking

If you’d like learn more, or to books us for events, please email us or fill out the form below.

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