Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to the yoga class?

You will just need to bring yourself and some suitable clothing for yoga to the class. Mats, blocks and all other yoga equipment are provided. Suitable clothing is clothing which is not tight and will not impede your movement. A good example is tracksuit bottoms and a loose t-shirt.

There are also facilities to change your clothes in the centre, especially if you are just coming from work.

What can I expect from an yoga class?

People usually turn up a few minutes before the class to change and relax in the main yoga room and quietly prepare for doing the class.

The yoga teacher will then start the class, usually with some meditative body awareness postures, and then move into a progressive sequence of postures aimed at deepening flexibility, awareness and strength. These postures include standing postures, forward bends, back bends, inverted postures, and twists.

The class then ends with a period of relaxation, called shavasana.

Do I need to prepare in any way beforehand?

Do not eat a large amount of food directly before the class. It is best to arrive in good time so that you won’t be hurried or rushed, and can relax more deeply once the class begins.

I’m really unflexible and stiff! Can I do yoga?

If you’re stiff and unflexible, all the more reason to do yoga! We have many people who come to do yoga just for this reason, and they learn how to work with their body and, over time, become more flexible and supple. Even after one class people can notice the difference.

Do I need to be a particular type of person to do yoga?

Our courses have a wide range of ages, from young adults up to retirees. Both men and women come to the classes, from all walks of life. All that’s needed is an interest in improving your wellbeing!

I have a bad back or injury. Will yoga help me with this?

Yes, yoga can be of enormous benefit for back problems and other injuries. If you do have injuries, it is important to let the teacher know beforehand of your condition and to be extremely gentle and careful in the postures themselves, only going so far as you and the teacher feel is safe.

As well as helping bad backs and injuries, yoga can also help in cases of joint, circulatory, and respiratory problems.

Are your classes suitable if I am pregnant?

You can still do yoga when you are pregnant, but not all yoga poses are suitable for you when you’re pregnant, and so you should go to a dedicated pregnancy yoga class. Unfortunately we are unable to provide yoga facilities during pregnancy.

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